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TéSA PhD topics with CNES

Willing to do a PhD? Interested by Space? Join us!

BEFORE March 15, apply online for TéSA thesis subjects at CNES! Six topics are proposed:

But before applying, do not hesitate to contact the PhD advisor mentioned or the director of TéSA (corinne.mailhes at for more information.

New PhD students in TéSA

Like every year, TéSA welcomes new PhD students! From left to right in the photo: Geoffroy Heurtier, starting a CIFRE thesis with CGI, Maurine Bouzeid beginning a thesis funded by CNES and Thales Services Numériques, Esteban Morales Aguirre starting a thesis funded by CNES and ISAE-SUPAERO and Léa Dubreil beginning a thesis funded by Thales Alenia Space and IPSA. Two other doctoral students will soon join them and begin a CIFRE thesis with Collins Aerospace…

TéSA, sponsor of the NTN communication days

TéSA sponsored the NTN communications days which took place in October in Toulouse. Indeed, the CNRS RSD and ISIS research groups jointly organized and for the first time the “NTN* communications days” on October 19 and 20, 2023. These thematic days on communications in non-terrestrial networks aim to bring together academics , industrialists and experts in the field to share their latest discoveries, exchange innovative ideas and discuss technical challenges, protocols, architectures and applications related to networks. With more than 80 participants, these days were a great success… looking forward to the next ones in 2024!

Three PhD students at CNES JC2 2023… and a prize for TéSA!

TéSA was magnificently represented at the CNES JC2: Gastón de Boni Rovella explained to us with all his pedagogy and humor the workings of channel coding and his innovative approach using machine learning, Evelyne Akopyan brilliantly highlighted the issues of his PhD subject around resilient networks in nanosatellite swarms but it was Hamish McPhee (the third starting from the left) who won a prize by succeeding in making us understand the delicate problem of clock synchronization in nanosatellite swarms ! Well done to all three!

TéSA Scientific Seminar

Stefano Fortunati, IPSA professor and researcher at L2S in Paris Saclay, was invited for one month at TéSA by the Scientific Committee. Coming from mid-June to mid-July, he worked with TéSA researchers and presented us with a seminar on Massive MIMO Radar for Target Detection.

TéSA PhD poster session

Taking advantage of the presence of guest professors in TéSA (Stefano Fortunati, Sinan Yıldırım), the TéSA doctoral students organized an afternoon “poster session” to present their subjects to everyone… The Shannon room at TéSA was very full and many discussions took place!

TéSA Scientific Day

The TéSA Scientific Day (JS TéSA) took place in June in the calm of a hotel in the Toulouse suburbs. Around forty participants took part in this day rich in presentations and discussions: doctoral students, post-docs, research engineers from TéSA, teacher-researchers from partner schools and engineers from partner members, all were there to reflect together on the topics of research to come! Thank you to CNES, TAS and Collins Aerospace for sharing their current issues with us through very beautiful presentations!


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