• Telecommunications
    for space
    and aeronautics

  • Navigation /

  • Networking

  • Earth observation


Created in 2004 as a nonprofit organization, TeSA is a cooperative research Lab in Telecommunications for Space and Aeronautics, with expertise in digital communications, networking, navigation and positioning as well as signal and image processing. Our aim is to create a link between academic research and industrial problems. New members - academic, industrial or institutional - are welcome!


Our expertise

  • Digital Communications
  • Networking
  • Signal & image processing

TeSA at IEEE ISIT 2014

TeSA at IEEE ISIT 2014 at Hawaii (June 2014) with a paper presented by Tarik Benaddi.

Aerospace Valley

TeSA at the Aerospace Valley forum, June 2014 with a poster on Florian Cazes PhD.

TeSA: a task force at IEEE ICASSP 2014

Four papers were presented by 4 TeSA PhD students.