TeSA Team

TeSA team

TeSA Team is composed of permanent researchers and administrative staff.
A brief description of the team is given below.

Fabre Serge

Signal Processing and Machine Learning

ENSEEIHT Signal Processing engineer

Serge Fabre received the Eng. degree and the M.Sc. degree in Signal processing from ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France, both in 1994. He worked for 20 years as an audio signal processing engineer for company such Freescale or Intel in different domain such speech coding, text-to-speech, speech recognition or echo cancellation.


Phone: +33 5 61 24 73 81
E-mail: serge [dot] fabre [at] tesa [dot] prd [dot] fr

Lacaze Bernard

Stochastic Processes and Sampling Theory

Signal Processing Professor

Bernard Lacaze is currently with TeSA (Telecommunications for Space and Aeronautics Laboratory). His research activity mainly focuses on regular or irregular sampling of functions and random processes. He has also developed models of propagation based on random delays.


Phone: +33 5 61 24 73 63
E-mail: bernard [dot] lacaze [at] tesa [dot] prd [dot] fr

Mailhes Corinne

Director of TeSA

Signal Processing Professor

Corinne Mailhes is a professor in the University of Toulouse, ENSEEIHT. Her research activity mainly focuses on spectral analysis, biomedical signal processing and more generally, on statistical signal processing. Since November 2013, she is the Director of TeSA.


Phone: +33 5 61 24 73 62
E-mail: corinne [dot] mailhes [at] tesa [dot] prd [dot] fr

Michel Patrice

Signal Processing


Patrice Michel got his Ph.D. from National Polytechnics Institute of Toulouse in 2004. Since the beginning of his Ph.D., he is sharing his time between the Deodat De Severac high-school where he is a professor and TESA where he acts as a Research Engineer. His research activity is centered around signal processing, with a particular interest in wavelets, subband decomposition, parametric modeling, Kalman filtering etc.


Phone: +33 5 61 24 73 61
E-mail: patrice [dot] michel [at] tesa [dot] prd [dot] fr

Paimblanc Philippe

Navigation and Positioning

ENAC Signal Processing engineer, INPT PhD

Philippe Paimblanc graduated as an electronics engineer from the ENAC (Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile) in 2002 and received the same year his Master research degree in signal processing. He performed a PhD at the satellite navigation lab of the ENAC. His research activity is centered on navigation and positioning, including GNSS and INS signal processing.


Phone: +33 5 61 24 73 75
E-mail: philippe [dot] paimblanc [at] tesa [dot] prd [dot] fr

Prévost Raoul

Signal Processing and Digital Communications

ENSEEIHT Telecommunications and Networks engineer, INPT PhD

Raoul Prévost received the Eng. degree and the M.Sc. degree in Telecommunications and Networks from ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France, both in 2009. He received the Ph.D. degree in Signal Processing prepared within the cooperative laboratory TeSA and the Signal and Communications Group of the IRIT Laboratory (UMR 5505 of the CNRS) from the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse in 2012.


Phone: +33 5 61 24 73 66
E-mail: raoul [dot] prevost [at] tesa [dot] prd [dot] fr

Sombrin Jacques

Satellite systems

Jacques Sombrin has engineering degrees from Ecole Polytechnique (Paris, 1969) and Telecom-ParisTech (Paris, 1974). He worked in CNES (French Space Agency) from 1974 to 2010 as a Microwave engineer, head of Microwave department, head of Transmission division and assistant director for Radio Frequency directorate.
His research activity in TéSA is mainly on telecommunications and satellite systems. He works on simulation and global optimization (capacity, consumption and cost) of telecommunication systems using multi-beam antennas, non-linear amplifiers, complex modulation signals, equalization, pre-distortion and interference mitigation. He studies high power RF breakdown phenomenons (Multipactor, Corona) and passive inter-modulation products.
Since 2013, he is also responsible for the "Integrated and Secure Systems" chair of Sigma-Lim Labex at Limoges University.


Phone: +33 5 61 24 73 79
E-mail: jacques [dot] sombrin [at] tesa [dot] prd [dot] fr

Vasseur Isabelle

Administrative Assistant

Isabelle Vasseur welcomes visitors to TeSA and manages all the administrative part of the laboratory. In close collaboration with Corinne Mailhes, she is responsible for staff management and organizes the missions of all members of TeSA.


Phone: +33 5 61 24 73 60
E-mail: isabelle [dot] vasseur [at] tesa [dot] prd [dot] fr

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