Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee gathers the scientific representatives from the involved academic institutions as well as partner members of TeSA.
It meets 4 times a year and adresses topics related to research structuring, strategy and cross dissemination.


  • Emmanuel Chaput (INPT)
  • Jean-Yves Tourneret (INPT)

Honorary President

  • Michel Bousquet (ISAE)

Academic and Industrial partner representatives

  • André-Luc Beylot (INPT)
  • Michel Bousquet (ISAE)
  • Christophe Macabiau (ENAC)
  • Laurent Franck (Télécom Bretagne / Institut Mines Télécom)
  • Jean-Luc Issler (CNES)
  • Cédric Baudoin (TAS)
  • Lucile Canourgue (RCF)
  • Jacques Decroix (IRT)

Academic liaison

  • Jérôme Lacan (ISAE)

PhD student representatives

  • Charles-Ugo Piat
  • Sylvain Cluzel

Research Engineer representative

  • Philippe Paimblanc


  • Digital communications: Marie-Laure Boucheret (INPT)
  • Navigation: Olivier Julien (ENAC)
  • Networking: Emmanuel Lochin (ISAE)
  • Signal and Image Processing: François Vincent (ISAE)
  • Satellite systems: Jacques Sombrin
  • Aeronautical systems: Jacques Lanciaux


  • Corinne Mailhes (Director of TeSA)
  • Franck Durand-Carrier (President of TeSA)

TeSA in Calgary

Simone Urbano (on the left, TeSA-AIRBUS PhD) presented a paper at the conference IEEE ICASSP in April 2018.

Welcome to our new PhD students & post-docs!

On this picture: Quentin, Antoine, Barbara, Oumaima and Amal (from left to right).

Activity Report

The TeSA activity report 2015-2016 is available. Feel free to download and enjoy the reading!