International Workshop on
Satellite and Space Communications 2008

Web information service on Satellite Communications: WISE

WISE: A Web Information Service Window for Knowledge Management in Satellite Communications

The SatNEx Community is constituted by 24 Institutions working in satellite communications, spread all over Europe, and aggregated in the framework of the Satellite Network of Excellence (NoE) named SatNEx II. The primary goal of the SatNEx Community is to achieve long-lasting integration of European research in satellite communications and networking and to develop a common base of knowledge, thus contributing to the realization of the European Research Area. The detailed structure of SatNEx II Joint Program of Activities (JPA) on long-lasting integration, jointly executed research, and spreading of excellence can be found on the NoE's website (

Within the SatNEx II JPA, the SatNEx Community has decided to implement and sustain a Web Information Service (WISE,, as a tool offered to the external world - individuals and institutions - to provide easy access to knowledge and expertise in all areas of satellite communications. As stated in the SatNEx II Technical Annex, "...the intention of WISE is to provide a service for the satellite community at large, especially towards all those that operate outside the NoE. WISE is an interactive window in the SatNEx website public area, by means of which all those that need access to knowledge, general or specific, in satellite communications, can search the database, ask questions, find expertise and consulting."

Indeed, one of the main goals of SatNEx since its inception in 2004, has been that of creating a durable community of experts in Satellite Communications and Networking (SatComms), with long-lasting integration and cooperation. This goal encompasses spreading of excellence, education, and jointly executed research. More than this, the community that stemmed from the SatNEx NoE aims at being open towards the outside world in promoting SatComms in every respect.

Though this community is originally formed by Research Institutions, it is particularly with the industrial and business world in mind that the WISE platform has been created. It is conceived as a means to foster ties between industry and academic research, as an open forum for SatComms, and as a source of reference for anyone working in the field. One should take advantage of using WISE if one has an interest in SatComms, be it connected with one's own every day's working life, with one's quest for a strategic vision of the future of SatComms, with the need to find expertise and advice, with sharing ideas and views with a wider community, with personal curiosity in a specific problem, or even with the goal of contributing to the enlargement of this knowledge basis, by becoming an active member of the community and putting one's own expertise at work.

In general, WISE is aimed at offering services to various user categories:

WISE offers a set of services that users can exploit via any Internet Web Browser. For the time begin, all currently available services are free of charge. The principal services provided are:

The aim of the WISE presentation is to introduce the tool and give a live demonstration of its capabilities, in order to encourage the audience - and industrial stakeholders in particular - to take actively part in the enlargement and exploitation of its knowledge base.

The WISE Web page is accessible at the following address:


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