International Workshop on
Satellite and Space Communications 2008

Keynote Speech

ARTES, the ESA Telecommunication Programme to enhance the competitiveness of the European Space Industry

October 2, 9:30 - 10:10, Room A

Magali Vaissière, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Abstract: The ambitious ESA Telecommunications programme (ARTES) has as primary objective the enhancement of the competitiveness of European Space Industry involved in the COMSAT sector on the ever more challenging world market.
The first priority of this programme is to support the Space, Ground and User Segment Suppliers and Operators, i.e. the supply side. We call this the "Technology-Push" approach of ESA. It is based on the understanding of the needs of Industry and Operators and on the analysis of the trends for the different Market Segments that will be presented in this keynote.
The second priority goes beyond the mainly technological dimension of ARTES and calls for new initiatives enlarging the present users community to stimulate the demand of new products and services. This approach ensures more growth and sustainability of the Space Industry by expanding space activities into new addressable markets through user-focused initiatives. The most recent initiatives are focused on the Aviation Authorities, GMES, Security Institutions, etc, and selected ones will be detailled.

Biography: Magali Vaissiere has been nominated Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications at the European Space Agency in June 2008 where she was the Head of Telecommunications Department.
Before joining the European Space Agency, she was with EADS-Astrium , where she occupied different management position, as Civil Institutional Marketing Manager from mid 2002 to mid 2005, R&D & Product Strategy Division Manager in the Telecommunications Satellites Business Unit, from mid 2000 to mid 2002, Head of the Satellite Network Engineering from mid 98 to mid 2000, after being involved in Telecommunications System engineering activities from 1955.
With the former Matra-Marconi-Space company that she joined in 1980 (at that time Matra Espace), she was Responsible for R&D Coordination.
From 1981-1990, she was working with Thomson-CSF Radars as a Signal Processing engineer, then Radar System engineer and eventually Responsible for a Common Products Department.

Magali graduated as an engineer in 1980 from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Paris (now Telecom ParisTech). Then she spent one year in USA where she obtained a Master of Sciences in Electrical Engineering from University of Stanford (1981).
She holds an executive MBA from the Centre de Perfectionnement aux Affaires (Paris) obtained in 1995.
She has been awarded the "prix Irène Joliot-Curie" in 2007 for her oustanding career as a woman in industry (parcours femme-entreprise) by the French Ministry of Research.
She holds the French Distinction "Légion d'Honneur".


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