International Workshop on
Satellite and Space Communications 2008

Internet Access

Free Wireless Internet access (802.11g) will be available in the main conference rooms using a dedicated IWSSC account.

An Internet cafe with a few PCs and several RJ45 connections is located in the coffee break room (E97, first floor of main academic building, in front of upper doors of Amphitheatre 3).

Instructions for speakers

Time slots allocated for paper presentations are 20 minutes for normal/special sessions and 25 min for PhD sessions. Oral presentation should take 15 minutes to leave time for questions (5 minutes for normal sessions and 10 minutes for PhD sessions to enhance interaction with audience).

We ask the authors to upload their PowerPoint or PDF presentation to the room PC before the actual session starts. Personal laptops can also be used but delays should be minimized by prior verification of smooth operation.

Speakers should also prepare a short (bullet style, 2-5 lines,) biography to be given to Session Chair to introduce themselves to the audience at the session.

The Session Chair will be present in the room 15 minutes before the beginning of the session. Delegates giving presentations must arrive before the session to meet with the Session Chair.

On-Site Registration

The registration desk is located in the Entrance Hall of the main academic building. It will be attended allowing on site registration (no cash, credit card only) on Wednesday afternoon from 1:00 to 16:00 and Thursday morning from 8:30 to lunch time. Outside these times, specific appointment should be arranged for on site registration. However registered participants can get their badge and conference at any time within the conference hours.


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