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The COST272 7th MCM will be held on March 25 and 26 in Toulouse. (meeting starts at 13.00 on March 25 and ends at 15.30 on March 26).

The agenda is available from here [PDF format] (updated on March 22)

The new (ESF) reimbursement form is also available in Excel or PDF format.

The Minutes of the meeting are available here [PDF] (access restricted)
The meeting will be held at ENSEEIHT (an Engineering school affiliated with TeSA (our grant holder).

ENSEEIHT is located 2, Rue Charles Camichel in Toulouse (nearby TeSA). Information will be posted on this site about the exact room location.

Information about how to reach ENSEEIHT an TeSA is available from TeSA web site ('Contacts' category).
Laurent FRANCK
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