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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to this web site, home on the Internet of the European sponsored COST272 Action.

Because of the tremendous growth of IP-based technologies and because of the major role satellites play when it comes to providing long-haul, point to multi-point communications, we decided to focus COST272 on the delivery of packet-oriented services via satellites.

COST272 has started in June 2001 and brings together European researchers from the satellite field, joining expertise around a common theme. Prior Actions (COST252, COST253) have already demonstrated that this way of interacting makes "synergy" all but a buzzword. We hope that you will find this web site valuable, as we consider it in our daily activities.

The COST272 participants and myself are joining our greetings to wish you a happy browsing experience.

Dr Erina Ferro, Chairperson.

The COST272 web site is hosted by TéSA

Laurent FRANCK
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