COST ACTION IC0802 Propagation tools / data for
integrated Telecom, Navigation and Earth Observation systems

WG2: Channel modelling for radio systems from C to W band

Chair: Laurent Castanet, ONERA, France

The objective of this Working Group is mainly to study the influence of propagation on Global Integrated Systems operated at high frequencies above C-band and below W-band. The following applications systems have been identified:

The frequency bands of interest range from X to W band with a main focus on Ku band for very high availability systems and for tropical and equatorial areas, Ka band for access systems and Earth observation data downlink systems, Q/V band for backbone systems and W-band for Earth observation or space exploration. Ku and Ka bands are also of interest for future mobile satellite services or links with UAVs.
The following topics are currently studied by WG2 participants: Working Group 2 works in close relation with SGMP, from which characterisations of the tropospheric channel and of climatological parameters are available. In particular, results from propagation experiments allow propagation models to be parameterized and validated.

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