COST ACTION IC0802 Propagation tools / data for
integrated Telecom, Navigation and Earth Observation systems

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Download here: ICT Poster IC0802.


Telecommunication, Navigation and Earth Observation systems and services are developing world-wide with a multiplicity of standalone terrestrial and space systems that operate in diverse frequency bands. Global Integrated Networks (GIN) will be necessary in the near future to provide better integrated services. Their design requires a comprehensive knowledge of the various propagation media. Up to now radio channel modelling has been performed separately for each type of radio systems.

This activity will develop a coordinated set of models, techniques and data related to the radio channel in order to improve the design and performance of Global Integrated Networks. The activity will recommend and provide the most appropriate radio channel models, channel assessment techniques and data for the design and operation of these GINs.

The frequencies of interest range from 100 MHz to 100 GHz (VHF to W band) and cover optical free space communications. The target architectures include mobile and fixed, satellite and terrestrial communication systems (including optical links), satellite navigation systems and Earth Observation systems. The physical propagation fundaments will be based on experimental and climatological data. The activity will bring together remote sensing, propagation and systems experts at the European level, thus contributing to advance the state-of-the-art in the field, with a clear added value for Europe.

Main Achievements

Start Date: November 2008
End date:   October 2012

Action Chair: Dr. Antonio Martellucci, ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands.
Action Vice Chair: Prof. Danielle Vanhoenacker, UCL, Belgium.
Scientific Representative : Prof. Michel Bousquet, TESA/ISAE, France.
COST Science Officer: Gian Mario Maggio.

The action is managed by TESA, France, in the framework of the COST grant management system

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