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Toulouse INP

Toulouse INP

With 6 campuses in Toulouse and Tarbes and 17 research laboratories, Toulouse INP offers you the opportunity to study and do research at a dynamic and multidisciplinary university of more than 6600 students.

We are constantly developing our links with universities and research organisations all over the world. For the moment, we have an extensive range of European and international cooperation programmes and projects with more than 60 countries.

At INP Toulouse, you can take advantage of a unique opportunity to study natural and engineering sciences of the highest standards and, at the same time, discover the diversity of French culture and the French-speaking environment.


The ISAE group has now achieved a size and reputation enabling it to bring together a group of schools, called the ISAE group, around the excellence of its training courses (SUPAERO, ENSICA, Masters, Ph.Ds) and its highly reputed brand.
The vocation of the ISAE group is to bring together French higher education institutions in aerospace under a single banner, in order to extend the influence of these institutions both nationally and internationally, and to promote aerospace engineer training.

By officially confirming its membership of the ISAE group on 12 May 2011, ENSMA will keep its independence and legal personality, but has opted to share the same common values and objectives with the ISAE, focusing on three major orientations :

- superior training with the adoption of a teaching model that blends high-level scientific knowledge with contemporary socio-economic realities and personal self-realization of students;

- research with the development of a strong education-research relationship enabling future engineers to develop their creativity and their taste for innovation;

- international openness through partnerships in European and international networks and programs, enabling exchanges at engineering student, lecturer or researcher levels.


It was founded in 1949 in Paris-Orly, and moved to Toulouse in 1968. It merged with the SEFA (Service d’Exploitation de la Formation Aéronautique) on January 1, 2011. The « Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile » (ENAC) is a unique example : it is the only aviation-oriented university in France offering a wide and complete panel of aeronautics-oriented training programmes and activities, serving the aeronautical world, and particularly the air transport sector.

The ENAC university is made up of :

- 2,000 students in 25 various training courses : engineer, air transport pilot, air controller, etc.,
- 7,500 trainees each year in 400 continuing education programmes or advanced training courses,
- 10 research labs,
- International activities : ENAC welcomes hundreds of international students and trainees from the 5 continents each year,
- A education team having an exceptional amount of professional skills and know-how,
- High level training material associated with its multidisciplinary activities : ATC simulators, flight simulators, 135 aircrafts, laboratories for electronics, data processing, aerodynamics, languages, etc...

Through all these activities, the ENAC university is committed to meeting the requirements of the aeronautical field, in which both private and public actors are involved, either in France or abroad.

In more than 60 years, with 20,000 alumni, ENAC has acquired recognition, in France and abroad, of all the partners belonging to the wide range of its activities.

Today, thanks to the acknowledged skills of its teachers, searchers, students, trainees and its whole staff, the ENAC university is looking to strengthen its influence throughout the world, being always committed in its field of excellence : aeronautics.‎
Telecom Bretagne

Telecom Bretagne

Founded in 1977, Telecom Bretagne is one of the most prestigious graduate engineering schools ("Grandes Ecoles") in France. It is a public institution, under the aegis of the Ministry for Industry and is a member of the Institut Mines-Telecom and the Université européenne de Bretagne (European University of Brittany). The college trains future professionals for careers in industry, services and research.

The degrees on offer at Telecom Bretagne are internationally recognized and comply with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA):

- Master of Engineering (Diplôme d'Ingénieur)
- MSc in Telecom, in Computer Science, in Networks, in Biomedical Information
- PhD

Other education programmes such as Continuous Training (information in French) and Post-Master Professional certificates are available at Telecom Bretagne.

Telecom Bretagne has two campuses (Brest and Rennes) with an excellent teaching record and internationally-renowned research activities. One of its greatest successes has been turbocodes for which Prof C. Berrou won the Marconi Prize in 2005. It also has a large network of academic partners, in France and abroad.

Conditions for studying are ideal with a beautiful main campus by the sea, with full student facilities.

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