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Spectral Estimation Using Subband Decomposition and Frequency Warping

Authors: Bonacci David, Michel Patrice and Mailhes Corinne

In Proc. Int. Conf. Acoust., Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Orlando, Florida, May 13-17, 2002.


This paper addresses the problem of frequency overlapping which occurs when spectral estimation is applied after subband decomposition. Subband decomposition has already been shown to increase the performances of spectral estimation but induced frequency overlapping may be troublesome. This paper proposes a new spectral estimation procedure based on sub band decomposition and frequency warping which reduces the overlapping frequency problem. Simulations confirm the interest of this new algorithm.

Signal and image processing / Other


A New Air Traffic Complexity Metric Based on Dynamical System Modelization

Authors: Delahaye Daniel, Paimblanc Philippe, Histon Jonathan M. and Hansman R. John

In Proceedings of the 21st IEEE Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Volume 1, pp 4A2-1 - 4A2-12

This paper presents new concepts to address the air traffic complexity modeling problem. Two new geometrical metrics have been introduced and have been found very useful to capture typical features of traffic complexity. The covariance metric is very adapted to identify disorder in a set of speed vectors and can be applied for en route airspace (en route airspace is the airspace between airports). Similarly, the Koenig metric identifies easily the curl movement organizations and can be applied to areas around airports where air traffic control procedures impose turns on aircraft trajectories.

Signal and image processing / Aeronautical communication systems and Localization and navigation


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