Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee gathers the scientific representatives from the involved academic institutions as well as partner members of TeSA.
It meets 4 times a year and adresses topics related to research structuring, strategy and cross dissemination.


  • Emmanuel Chaput (INPT)
  • Jean-Yves Tourneret (INPT)

Honorary President

  • Michel Bousquet (ISAE)

Academic and Industrial partner representatives

  • André-Luc Beylot (INPT)
  • Michel Bousquet (ISAE)
  • Christophe Macabiau (ENAC)
  • Laurent Franck (Télécom Bretagne / Institut Mines Télécom)
  • Jean-Luc Issler (CNES)
  • Cédric Baudoin (TAS)
  • Lucile Canourgue (RCF)
  • Jacques Decroix (IRT)

Academic liaison

  • Jérôme Lacan (ISAE)

PhD student representatives

  • Charles-Ugo Piat
  • Sylvain Cluzel

Research Engineer representative

  • Philippe Paimblanc


  • Digital communications: Marie-Laure Boucheret (INPT)
  • Navigation: Olivier Julien (ENAC)
  • Networking: Emmanuel Lochin (ISAE)
  • Signal and Image Processing: François Vincent (ISAE)
  • Satellite systems: Jacques Sombrin
  • Aeronautical systems: Jacques Lanciaux


  • Corinne Mailhes (Director of TeSA)
  • Franck Durand-Carrier (President of TeSA)

TeSA in New Orleans

Charles-Ugo Piat-Durozoi (left) and Romain Chayot (right) presented papers at ICASSP 2017 last March, supported by Corinne Mailhes (center).

PhD positions available at TeSA

PhD subjects available on the CNES site.
On line application before the 31rst of March.


Welcome to our 3 new PhD students: Adrien, Lorenzo and Selma (from left to right).